The Fountain Blog

It’s All in How You Finish

By: Wendy McNeal

My friend, Chris, died on January 7, 2014. He has been my friend since I was 4 years-old. We lived two houses down from each other and we fought like we were brother and sister, but at the end of the day we were friends. In high school we went to different schools, but remained friends. Chris introduced me to my husband, which I told him that I was forever indebted to him for that…and he reminded me often that I could never repay him. He had a wonderful sense of humor that rubbed some people the wrong way when they didn’t know him very well, but he would usually win them over with his jokes. After high school we both took different paths. The path he chose brought him years of heartache.

Chris was a great baseball player throughout his high school career. He could hit a curve ball like nobody else I ever knew. Two years ago, Chris was thrown a huge curve ball. He was in a horrible wreck that left him paralyzed. He shared with me shortly after his wreck that he remembers being in his car, then he was going down a hallway with a light behind a door…a voice said to him, “We are not ready for you yet Chris…you still have some work to do.” The next moment he realized that he was in a care flight helicopter and he was told about the wreck. At that moment, Chris was forever changed physically and spiritually. Even though he was in a wheelchair he was not disabled, not in the way you may think. Chris became a follower of Christ. He stopped being a fan of Christ and started being a witness for Him. Whoever he was talking to, Jesus was always talked about. And wherever he went he always shared the gift of Salvation with anyone who would listen. He realized that he had work to do for the Lord….so he was doing it.

His parents and family members loved him very much. They cared for him since the wreck. His girlfriend was a huge blessing to him and helped take care of him as well. Chris had many friends who visited him, prayed with him, and thought they were encouraging him. However, when someone left from visiting Chris, they were encouraged by him instead. He did not complain about the condition he was in…he pushed through and persevered through it all.

Chris went into a coma from complications of pneumonia on a Monday and died the following day. The day before he went into a coma, Chris witnessed to a little girl in his family about Christ. God had one more thing for Chris to do and he followed through.

Life is full of trials and tribulations, but it is also full of blessings. One thing we know for sure is that life here on earth is short….the Bible describes life as a “vapor” (James 4:14). In the end, there are two dates and a dash (Welch). We all have a job to do, a purpose to fulfill. Through Chris’s life I have learned the importance of relationships. Say what needs to be said, visit those who need to be visited, forgive those need to be forgiven, and live out the DASH! Zig Ziglar said, “It’s not how you start…it’s all in how you finish”, and Chris finished well! Chris Wynn….you have made me want to be a better person and show others how much God loves them!

References: The Holy Bible, Zig Ziglar, Kevin Welch.

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